This Cookies Policy describes how cookies files are used and refers to the following website:

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files which register the activities of a specific online user. They facilitate navigating the website as well as undertaking various other activities as they recognise the user's PC set up and display the website which is tailored to the user's personal preferences. Disabling cookies may cause errors on the web page as well as lack of access to some of its functions.An administrator uses cookies in order to tailor their services to the users' needs as well as for statistical reasons. Cookies are also used by other websites which this website refers to by displaying for example multimedia.

What kind of cookies do we use and how do we use them?
Session cookies
These are cookies files which help to remember the specific user's choices used for example to log in. They stay active on the user's PC until he/she logs out from using the website or until the website is closed down. 

Analytical cookies
These are cookies files which allow the collecting of data connected to the way in which the website is used, including items clicked on by the user while visiting the website. They make it possible to improve the service and the website's structure. 

Targeting cookies
These are cookies files which remember information relating to how the website is used, which makes it possible to suggest to the users different kinds of promotions and other information targeted towards their preferences.

Desabling cookies
The service user may set their browser to allow various degrees of protection against cookies, up to complete disabling of cookies files. This set up will enhance data security and data protection but at the same time may also stop some functions of the service, for example, logging onto a personal service account.

All browsers offer the possibility to disable or delete cookies. More information on using cookies can be obtained from the following links: 
- Internet Explorer
- Firefox
- Google Chrome
- Safari

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